Why don't you participate with any insurance carrier?
In the last few years, insurance carriers have substantially decreased the amounts they pay physicians for treating patients and continue to do so. They have also made it much more difficult for physicians to get paid what they are owed, if they do get paid at all. At the same time, the cost of conducting business has continued to increase year after year. This, along with the rising cost of malpractice insurance, has forced many physicians out of practice, has caused others to stop performing certain procedures, and others to change state. Physicians now feel pressured to spend less time with patients. This has had a great impact on the quality of health care and has driven many physicians to drop certain insurance carriers and others to stop dealing with them altogether. This translates into cost savings, more time spent with patients and better care.

Does that mean I have to bear all expenses?
No. If you have insurance coverage, we can give you a receipt which you can then submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Will my insurance carrier still cover the cost of medications and tests?
Yes. Your insurance carrier will still cover those as usual, and you will only be responsible for your co-pay. The claim will be submitted on your behalf by the provider.

What are the upsides?
- You will get to spend as much time as necessary with your Doctor.
- You will deal with a Doctor who is less stressed out and less likely to make mistakes.
- You will have the peace of mind that your Doctor will have more time to coordinate your care with other Doctors, Pharmacies, Laboratories, Radiology Centers, Home Health Care Agencies and Hospitals.
- You will be assured that you will be able to reach your Doctor whenever you need to.

What are the downsides?
- You will probably end up paying more than you would if your Doctor participated with your insurance carrier.
- You need to submit the claim to your insurance carrier yourself.

What if I have a special financial situation?
Please talk to us about it; we will make sure to work something out with you.

Thank you for your understanding.