Dr. Ziad Akl specializes in Internal Medicine and subspecializes in Infectious Diseases. He has been in practice since 1996, and is committed to treating the adult population of the Metro DC area. In addition to general Internal Medicine, he has a large experience in diagnosing and treating infections such as HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, pneumonia, fever of unknown origin, diabetic foot infections, bone infections and Lyme Disease. He also specializes in Travel Medicine and runs The Washington Travel Clinic.

Dr. Akl is interested in solving challenging cases where a diagnosis has remained elusive for weeks, months and even years. Many individuals across the country suffer from chronic medical problems but are unable to find out what they suffer from, either because they have a rare illness or because they have inadequate access to health care. Dr. Akl has solved numerous such cases and has taken interest in providing help to such patients.

Many patients with chronic or recurrent symptoms and an elusive diagnosis believe they have an infectious process, when they actually don't. Dr. Akl, just like infectious diseases specialists in general, has a broad-based knowledge of medicine and often provides answers to those patients even though their condition is not infectious in nature. Examples include chronic joint pains, chronic cough, chronic or recurrent rashes, chronic diarrhea and recurrent fever.

Dr. Akl received his training at Columbia University and Board Certifciations in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases.  He is a member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the International Society of Travel Medicine. He is also a former Medical Officer of the Food and Drug Administration where he reviewed the safety and efficacy of new and existing drugs in the fields of Infectious Diseases and Transplantation.

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